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  1. HINDU KUSH WELFARE   TRUST:- is an indigenous initiative  of  a native of the high HK region  to  provide as better  medical relief as possible,  to the remotest hinterland valleys & winter locked communities with population up to 30000 each valley, with   chronic inaccessibility  problem during winters  from  centers of  civic facilities…this inaccessibility is partly  due to paucity of  resources and partly due to  the geographical location of these valleys, having winter snow fall cycle, remaining blocked 4-5 months in winters due to heavy snow fall followed by avalanches that bury the narrow valley roads and some valleys get no medical aid / supplies/ relief at all,  and consequently patients suffer tragic deaths. Maternity facilities are nil. female education is very low. Women and children suffer the worst. Most often for serious patients stretcher parties are called on volunteer basis to carry them  over the avalanche debris for more than 40km in severe cold, a bid to save precious lives but many lose their lives before receiving any medical help.  Moreover this is a seismic prone zone  with frequent  tremors  and aftershocks that jolt the region with the highest record of  quakes followed by disasters of irreparable magnitude. So far no NGO has considered this aspect seriously. The objectives of  this TRUST  are prioritized as below,  to be addressed according to available resources. After much deliberations, initial failures and redesigning the strategy  our first priority project for the worst affected TERICH valley is now at the launching pad and soon after its  completion we shall move to the next one.

                                  Priorities of the TRUST  are:
a.  A Maternity home/mother and child health care facility
b.   Female education and skill development
c.   Health education [preventive side ] /first aid/midwifery courses/blood donation awareness
d    Disaster management/emergency relief
e.   Ensure winter accessibility
f.    Environmental protection/awareness / afforestation


  1. contact:  donation for the TRUST  are solicited for anyone of the above given objectives [ a – f ] of  your choice:

[ blog / comments invited… indicate clearly the purpose of your contribution]