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There are  misguiding  reports  in certain Websites about the location of Noshaq to be in Afghanistan. this is a gross mistake.. Only the West ridge of  Noshaq touches Afghan border. The route to Noshaq  through Terich valley, Pakistan,  is the most convenient and easily accessible.. the west ridge of this massif marks the watershed between Pakistan and Afghanistan;  the other three peaks of Noshaq lie well within Pakistani border and have always been attempted by climbers from the Pakistan side [ vide google-Noshaq] where an organized  expedition guidance is available. For verification Contact: E.Mail: jm.zwieacker@bluewin.ch
More than 50 > 7000m peaks lie within a  short  radious,  in two groups, and both groups  have the convenience  to use one BC only, for more than   20 peaks in  each cluster around it.. The Saraghrar group has its BC at  Totirazno Kuh, Roshgol valley,  and  gives very easy  access  to five giants  around  an  amphitheatre- Saraghrar  massif  of  13  peaks  [6 >7000m peaks  unclimbed ],  Langar Zom [ 7100m ],  Languta-i- Barfi [ 7017m unclimbed ], Shakawer [ 7116m] and  Udren Zom [ 7131m] beside a large number of  unclimbed peaks of mesmerizing beauty of  > 6000m and travel time to all these peaks  takes 1-2 days trek to the BC from jeep road. This is a very convenient access and attractive side of this route  that  from the Jeep terminal you get  to the BC of more than 20 > 7000m peaks on the second day from Chitral town while  at the Terich Mir group  it takes four days to reach the BC for Terich Mir [ 7708m ] Noshaq [ 7492m] Istor-o-Nal [ 7403m] 2 peaks >7000m unclimbed, Shingeik Zom [ 7291m ] and other minor peaks of immense  attraction.

The  ridges of Hindu Kush are  still  a  puzzle for its confused chains because, so far, no systematic exploration attempt has been made  by any country club  and  few info is available to climbers all over the world ..  also the massifs are poorly defined and info is not perfect  as these contours  are not always entirely visible to climbers on cloudy summiting days. Many  adventure  destinations lie  inside these valleys unexplored,  and have never been touched  by a human foot and publicity efforts for the new generation of adventure tourists/ Tour operators  of the World has been very  negligible,  so in order to  get the  latest info on any kind of adventure in the Hindu Kush  you may contact :                Hindu Kush Adventure Guides,  E. Mail: info@hindukushadventureguides.com , baig@hindukushadventureguides.com
      Adventure Tourism in the Hindu Kush in summer is most convenient for people who like dry  weather and people particularly from Europe get this opportunity more than others due to  the vacations they  get  each year…this is peculiar to Hindukush, for it lies away from Monsoon rains ..remains dry from May to November hence perfect and ideal destination for adventure tourism, and  paragliders have seen  the best climatic conditions as well as the easiest and cheapest access point for launching…height for  trekking limit is 6500m  for free…snowline in this region is 5000m…and choice of destinations  is limitless.. pollution free…porter wages reasonable…organized and hitch free porterage.. Eco tourism focused…
1  Paragliding trips from Zani Pass  [3884m]  [ contact E. mail: bradismyfriend@gmail.com    OR:  baigshushgal@gmail.om , baig@hindukushadventureguides.com  ]  Home stay with Prof. Karim or at Terichmir Guest House.
2. Mountaineering/ hiking/ trekking in the Hindu Kush with good chances to       sight some endangered species of  wildlife……..
3.    Rock climbing… their location.. routes.. their  pictures… itineraries etc.
4.   Surfing,
5.   Mineral prospecting/gemstones…info on:  Lapis, Serpentine, Calcite, Asbestos, Yellow arsenic, Talc, Antimony, pyrite, quartz….sites and samples
6.  Biking to the tail end of numerous valleys
 7.  Snow leopard/ Markhor/ Ibex  sighting./Trophy hunting
8.  Wild life photography,
 9. Skiing/ snowboarding  [5 easy access sites offered]
10.  Trout fishing
11.  Searching the  glacier  Frog- the Loch Ness Monster of  Hindu Kush
12.  Geotourism / Exploring the hidden attractions /destination / Fixing  the heights of many peaks so far left unmeasured   as well as  naming  another great number of peaks so far unnamed.
13.  Chitral- Zani  Pass [ 3884m] ride/drive- 4 hours: enjoy High Hindu Kush panorama from this unique point in the guidance of a native Hindu Kush expert….then take Terich valley trek : 4 hours, the same day:  Home Stay   OR  camping  OR  stay at Terich Mir Guest House….three options…and  relish  traditional cuisine of  Chitral…  Drive back to Chitral the next day = TWO days ITINERARY. This is a two day package from Islamabad  back to Islamabad. Ideal for  Islamabad based adventure Lovers/ Embassy personnel with weekend  wander lust.. by plane from Islamabad to Chitral and back.. a treat- a paradise known to few in the world,  a sight so bewitching,  is now accessible by jeep…the sight of all the > 7000m peaks of the mighty  Hindu Kush of Chitral. We focus on eco-tourism.

14. Home Stay /  & Local Cuisine  at  Prof. Karim’s  [overnight]

15. Guided Cultural Tours: Home visits to see cultural aspects /old architecture/life style/living conditions/ native Cuisine of Chitral …any topic of  history , culture or any other social aspect of your own interest….. guided by  Prof. ……………….
16. Books on Hindu Kush [ history, statecraft, culture, superstitions, resources, mountain system, itineraries, packages, destinations, routes, travels, Hindu Kush Cultural Conference proceedings, Expedition stories, maps, picture post cards,
17. We arrange full board/logistic/guide services at: Chitral Travel Bureau License # 2316 /  Hindu Kush Adventure Guides
18. Scientific, Botanical/Cultural Research Tours/guidance
19. Guidance to media folk / Reporters
       This region is Botanically  rich and offers immense opportunities for scientists…Translation/ Guest House/Home stay  facility  available at reasonable  rate.