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Adventure tourism  in the Hindu Kush range of mountains had started  more than a century ago when Robertson and John Bidulph visited Chitral  in 1870s,  leading to the pact of friendship in 1885 between the state of Chitral and British India…then the ties strengthened …and in 1892 with the exploration expedition  of  Cockeril to Saraghrar peaks  in the Roshgol valley of the high Hindukush and then to Terichmir the same summer…with a glimpse of  Istor-o-nal unexpectedly to his great amazement… This expedition report  opened Chitral and Hindu Kush as a great destination for adventure tourism …followed by  the reports about the  Kalash community attractions .. .. the travel reports into Hindu Kush  mountains spilled into Europe from England and then  led to the American Expedition of 1935, motivating  two Norwegian expeditions to Terich Mir - the first in 1950   but the high Hindu Kush section with its confused ridges and valleys continued to  baffle Western climbers who sought basic info from Diemberger of Austria for his map based knowledge.  The exploration expeditions continued by many climbing clubs from Europe but exchange of info was poor.. the Norwegian report on Terich Mir expedition 1950.and the Italian report on the conquest of Saraghrar in 1959 remained limited in their attraction due to language problems  but many stories of expeditions  in the Hindu Kush were  published in HIGH ASIA  [ Journal] in English,  played  greater role to promote adventure tourism in this region.. There were great adventure activities in the 1960s and 1970s in this section of  Hindu Kush but it declined with the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in early 80s