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Alfred Fendt of Germany, Summiting Shakaur peak 7116m,  Hindukush: Shingeik Zom and Noshaq in the background

Upper Roshgol glacier with Langutai-Barfi 7017m – unclimbed, called ‘ the bride of Hindukush’ flanked by the challenging rock wall of Langar Zom South, 6850m, unclimbed Hindu Kush destinations: Roshgol valley:  Photo by  R. K. Baig      

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Udren Zom 7131m, flanked by Shakaur 7116m, SE face; Roshgol valley, Hindukush

Saraghrar massif seen from Istor o Nal camp 3, high Hindukush destinations

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Saraghrar east face 7349m, Hindukush , photo by A. Fendt

Expedition porters crossing a stream during Saraghrar expedition 2005,Hindukush

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A Norwegian Trekker in upper Terich valley , Photo by Hoibakh  who summitted Terichmir E. in 1964

Trekking in the Roshgol glacier; the challenging unclimbed Rock face of Saraghrar W. 7330m –  -Hindukush; another photo of the same face from a different angle follows

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Trekking: Terich Concordia 4700m, upper Terich glacier,  Hindukush, Photo by Poala Ditta.

A moment of refreshment after paragliding in upper Chitral, photo by Etienne

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An aerial view of Terichmir group of peaks around Terich Concordia.  

The Swiss 2005 expedition route over south face of Saraghrar; one of the easiest routes to a big massif above 7000m, just at 2 day trek from jeep road-Hindukush, Photo by J. Michel. 5 peaks of this massif still stand unclimbed

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Saraghrar & Langar Zom massif, Hindukush [many peaks of Saraghrar unidentified]

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Swiss 2000 expedition route to Istor o Nal  NE  7276m  [unclimbed]

Saraghrar central west 7330m unclimbed – rock face 3000m steep wall, seen from top of Shakaur 7116m, Roshgol-Hindukush; scene of unsuccessful bids by Catalan expeditions in 1975,1977,1982, Japanese expeditions 1971,1975, 1982 and Oxford Expedition 1958
17 18

Istor o nal massif, east face: seen from Zani Pass-3884m, Hindukush, Photo by Simon Perritaz

A  Swiss climber  2000 expedition, ascending to c. 4 [6800m] on Istor o Nal NE [7276m] Hindukush; Saraghrar massif in the background

19 20

 Swiss Expedition 2000  porters on way to Istor o Nal  BC, Hindukush, Rashor peak North face, 6180m, unclimbed, in the background

Rashor peak 6180m – unclimbed, east face,  Hindukush

21 22

Terichmir 7708m , seen from Shagrom, Hindukush

 The unclimbed  Istor o Nal  NE, 7276m –  Hindukush, seen from N. Udren glacier-scene of  the 10 member Swiss Expedition in 2000;  missed the summit by 176 meter.