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Exploration of High Hindu Kush is incomplete…

There  are a number of side valleys, cwms, snowfields, snowboarding sites, zigzag spurs, confused ramifications, panorama  points and glaciers in the high section of the Hindu Kush range especially in  the  highest section with the greatest number of unclimbed peaks  that lie within Chitral district. Chitral is one of the most peaceful regions of  North Pakistan where travelers feel complete security  anywhere they go. So far no trekkers’ foot has touched destinations like Prechu Zom region [only at one day trek from jeep road / Terich Mir Guest house/Camping] and there are so many unclimbed peaks that such a great adventure  destination is still lurking and not even imagined  by  WORLD tour marketers but interested Tour operators may  go tour Website: Hindukush adventure guides.com

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         The Prechu Zom chain of peaks in the Roshgol valley [high Hindu Kush] is a virgin land  for trekking and smaller climbing parties who don’t need  climbing permits. All the peaks of this vast snowfield surrounded by chain of  unclimbed peaks, ideal for novice climbers on easy small peaks,  is to be explored and the peaks to be measured as well. There are both technical and easy peaks to be approached from either Prechu gol or from  the Panorama Point at the end of  Warsinj gol.

2. Langutai-e-Barfi region:- Touching  the Langar Zom in the Roshgol amphitheatre has, strangely enough, attracted few adventure sport lovers. No expedition  has ever chosen to reach this vast glacier- the base of the most beautiful peak of the region. Finding routes to its summit and to gauge its actual height is still a task to be undertaken by virtual climber/ friends of Hindu Kush.
3. The routes via Ano gol from Terich Concordia  and the  1930 State Body guards’ trek into  the Ghum glacier from  Camp 3 of Terich Mir, via a 6100m pass, is to be repeated and  investigated once again to see its present condition…….
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