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Culture and Festivals

    1. Chilim Jusht…14-15  May-Night dance/music sessions…much merry making on the arrival of Spring…participated by males and females equally.
    2. Uchal…mid  July- night dance/music sessions to mark harvesting crops…
    3. Pool……20-25th  September- celebrated with great zeal on the ripening of grapes.. participated by men and women equally.
    4. Chaus or  Chitirmus…15-21 December- Celebrated with great pump and show by both sexes.. males and females enjoy it for a full week. Also outdoor festivities are worth looking at… wine is liberally downed and arrival of the New Year is announced and predictions made by their  High priest…These are the traditional  festivals of the Kalash community inhabiting  the Bumburet, Rumbur and Birir valleys of Chitral.


……….Other Festivals:……………

5. Nowrooz  festival on 21 March:  Celebrated by the Ismaili community of Chitral
e. g  Lotkuh, Mastuj, Madak Lasht  valleys.

6.  Shandur Polo  Festival     [ 7-9 July.] This Polo Tournament is held at Shandur Pass plateau  [ 3500m ] – the highest polo ground in the world… between Chitral and Northern Area  polo teams… it is played in its original form –free style- Polo has been called the game of the kings and it is also called the king of the games.. it attracts large crowds from all over the country as well as foreigners
 7.  Boroghil festival,            [ 15-18 July] held at the foot of  Pamir- the Roof of the World.. with many traditional sports.. schedule your itinerary as early as possible…must have good trekking stamina or horse riding
8. Bull fighting festival:         July 7- a traditional festival known to few at 3700m height.. only energetic tourists  can make the ascent.. at  62 km from town
9. Jashne-Kagh Lasht:      3rd  week of   April,  at 2 hr drive from  Chitral

    • Polo tournaments are held  twice in Chitral town in summer, one in June and the other in September beside  polo matches  almost every day. Polo matches/Buz Kashi  are also arranged on request /payment, by  tourists