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HINDU KUSH ADVENTURE GUIDES is a Travel/ Tour/ Info agency,  committed to promote adventure/ eco tourism in the old haunt of climbers- the major attraction known long before adventure activities began in   Karakorum…This Agency  has a rich experience of guiding  and organizing mountaineering teams since1969  when that year its CEO had joined Mr. Morimoto, member of  Japan Istor-o-Nal expedition, but the latter had a.……….  he joined the Catalan expedition – the first to scale the main summit of  Istor - o -Nal  [ 7403m]  the same  summer. Members of the expeditions to this region in 1969 summer  [ Czech, Spanish, Japanese, Italians,  Germans ] may contact us for recalling the memories of  that  summer… sort of reunion…]
Hindu Kush Adventure challenge is always to be  met with the guidance of a  local organization run by a native  [born just at the foot of Terich Mir]  with his  long trekking /exploring/ expedition  organizing  experience since 1969 … now with a Camping site/Home stay  and  Terich Mir Guest House- all in one place…at  Zondrangram,  [120km from Chitral town –5 hour drive] in Terich valley- the gateway to High Hindu Kush.         

Beside adventure sports [mountaineering expeditions/trekking/exploring , Eco and Geotourism- with full board services]  we also organize/ offer

    • Jeep Safari
    • Rent -a-car
    • Horse riding
    • Logistic
    • Guiding
    • Camping

services to cultural/research/media tourist  to Kho, Kalash and other local festivals of Chitral.